Author: Jack
POSTED ON 26 Jul 2018

An American Icon in the Great White North

Born out of the necessity to end the dominance of the Ford Mustang in the 60’s, the Chevy Camaro helped developed the muscle car movement in the United States, and is a highly sought out classic car by collectors. The most desirable being the first generation Z/28.

For the owner of this 69′ Z/28, the desire to own one would never go away until he had one in his garage. He quickly realized this as his Trans Am just wasn’t living up to his childhood mental image of what owning his true dream car would be. Thus when this Z/28 came available, he knew he had to buy it. It wasn’t long before the modifications started to happen.

From factory, the Z/28 received a few cosmetic changes such as the stripes, and rally styled road wheels. The 4.9L (or 302 cubic inches) V8 that came with the package was rated just shy of 300 horsepower (although this current one before modifications was pushing closer to 400 horsepower) thanks to the addition of solid-lifters, and an 850-cfm four-barrel carburetor.

Along with the rally styled wheels, a quick look under the hood reveals that the original V8 is also long gone, and in its place a 427 cubic inch (7.0L) big block V8 pushing around 550 horsepower to the rear tires. The Holly Carburetor improves air flow and fuel delivery to the combustion chamber, and a Summit Touring Clutch can easily handle the load from the new power plant. Aftermarket A arms, K&N air filters, and a host of other small details can be found all around the Z/28

The power, and diabolic sound that comes screaming out of the exhaust is what makes American muscle cars such as the Z/28 so appealing. However, words are only words. Take a look at this video and you can judge for yourself