Author: Jack
POSTED ON 21 Aug 2018

A Look at an EJ20 Powered MR-S

Images from  Tokyo Tuner

When it comes to swapping motors, we have heard and seen some pretty crazy things floating around on the internet. Usually those crazy things revolving around stuffing an LS or 2JZ engine into something it really has no business in for some serious power to weight ratios. Of course, there are even crazier swaps out there such as the Ferrari 458 powered Toyota GT86 drift car that Ryan Tuerk built .

However, the more subtle and attainable swaps that we read about tend to be the ones that stick with us the most.  After watching Tokyo Tuner’s recent video about an EJ20 engine being swapped into an MR-S, we knew we had to take a closer look.

At first the idea seems a bit ridiculous. How does one go about sticking an EJ20 behind the driver in the first place? The EJ20 boxer motor is set up to fit longitudinally whereas the MR-S was originally designed with a transverse mounting position.

Keita Suzki, the 26 year old responsible for this creation, knew the original ZZW30 engine was one of the weak points behind the MR-S. After thinking about different ways he could solve this problem, he realized that if he could get the EJ20 engine to fit, the boxer’s lower center of mass, and longitudinal position could not only greatly enhance the power figures, but could give the car great characteristic handling.

Thus he spent a year by himself after work and on weekends, transforming his MR-S into an all purpose race car designed around getting the EJ20 to fit perfectly in the tiny body.

As it stands now, the EJ20 MR-S has virtually the same power ratings (around 270 hp) and transmission out of an STI, but with the weight of the car being far less than 1,000 kgs,  you already know this little midship, run-about,  2-seater (technically 1-seater now),  is beyond fast around a track.

Make sure you watch the video to get more of the details on Keita’s crazy, yet wonderful machine.