Author: Jack
POSTED ON 05 Nov 2018

World’s First “Super-Fast” Secure in Car WiFi

People have been wondering when cars would begin to come with their own WiFi hotspot. If airplanes can have WiFi at 30,000 feet above sea level while traveling over 500 mph , why couldn’t cars?

Apparently, Bentley has been wondering this same question and decided to take things into their own hands and created the world’s first super-fast secure in car WiFi.

The WiFi will be available on all models starting next year, and will be able to provide “uninterrupted mobile network coverage” while traveling at speeds of 70mph (113kph).

Bentley has partnered with Viasat, a global communication company that managers 14 million WiFi hotspot in 30 countries all over the globe. They are also response for bringing WiFi connectivity to commercial flights. The system creates its own VPN to allow up to three network devices to connect to one super-fast signal

Looks like Rolls-Royce has some catching up to do.