Author: Jack
POSTED ON 21 Dec 2018

Autonomous Cars Maybe Closer Than You Think

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to autonomous vehicles everyday thanks to manufactures and OEM companies spending more money into research and testing. Anthony Levandowski, a former engineer of Uber and CEO of Pronto, is one of the key players involve in pushing for autonomous technology. Recently, Anthony sat behind the wheel of a modified Toyota Prius and watched it drive it self from San Francisco, California to New York, New York.

The system- called Copilot- is actually designed as a highway safety system for big rigs and is only to be used as a driver assistant system regardless of it ability to take Anthony from coast to coast. “We will not claim it to be something it is not. The age of autonomous vehicles crisscrossing¬† the country by themselves is still quite a ways off. Ours is highly-capable ‘level 2’ system and not more.” claims Anthony.