Author: Jack
POSTED ON 28 Jan 2019

Is the Advancement in Technology in Cars Making it Easier to Steal?

An interesting study was done in the UK regarding the ratio of theft in cars and the adoption of keyless car entry and ‘push to start’ vehicles over the past five years.

The study noticed that there was an increase of nearly 49% more cars stolen in the last two fiscal years than in 2013-2014. The reason for this could be explained by the recent number of cars being equipped with keyless systems, and the fact that keyless systems can be easily defeated by ‘relay theft’.

The way it works is the thieves work in pairs (sorry, its a bit difficult to pull this job by yourself) to copy your keys signal from inside your house to unlock and start the car. One thief would stand by the car ready to receive the signal as the other searches for the key’s signal from within the house (usually the front door where most people place their keys). If the thief searching for the signal can find it, it is duplicated and sent to the partner standing by the car. The car thinks the real keys now there – allowing the dynamic duo to easily hop in and drive off into the night without causing any sound nor damage to the vehicle.

So can you do anything to stop this from happening (besides not buying a newer car equipped with a keyless entry system)? – Yes! The best way you can prevent this is to not keep your keys close to the door, and have it placed in something that blocks signals from getting inside.