Author: Jack
POSTED ON 24 Mar 2019

Volvo To Install In-Car Cameras In The Name of Safety

Volvo’s goal has always been to produce some of the safest cars on the planet. In 2007, Volvo had announced its Vision 2020 plan, which was to have zero fatalities or serious injuries in Volvo cars. A very lofty goal that has resulted in new safety features and assistance systems that comes out every year. The big one being Volvo’s Pilot Assist suite of semi-autonomous features.

Volvo believes that in 2019, they have accomplished most of the safety issues regarding the car it self and it was now time to address the most complicated risk of all – the human element. To Volvo, the largest issues to solve when it comes to the human behavior can be split into three categories – speeding, distractions, and intoxication.

In terms of speeding, Volvo has announced that all cars will be limited to a top speed of 112 mph. The cars will even come with a “Care Key” in 2021, that will activate a valet mode on the vehicles. Aimed at new driver safety, the speeds, audio system volume, and intensity of active-safety features can be adjusted and or limited.

The other two behavioral areas are a bit more complicated to solve – distractions and intoxication. To combat these areas, Volvo will be installing in-car cameras on every Volvo in the early 2020’s. These cameras will monitor for both distractions and intoxication by detecting if the driver has their hand off the wheel for too long, or if their eyes are closed for too long. The car will be able to tell if the driver is too drowsy,  or drunk, and warn he driver not to operate the vehicle. If the driver continues to anyways and starts to drive erratically, the car will take additional measures to take control and stop he car.

In the quest for safety, Volvo has gone somewhat ‘Big Brother’. The goal though is to not be over intrusive but to run silently in the background.  The passive and active safety systems should be there when you need them, and not be a crutch or substitution for your driving with the assumption that the safety features will always save you from an accident.