Author: Jack
POSTED ON 29 Mar 2019

Are Mandatory Speed Limiters A Good Idea?

The EU is quickly becoming somewhat of a “no fun police” in name of safety. Yes safety is incredibly important and it would be unwise to not use the latest technical advancements to help improve driver safety, and reduce accidents.

However the provisional approved legislation from the European Union making active speed limiters compulsory on all new cars from 2022 a step too far?

The way it would work is the “Intelligent Speed Assistance” system would use GPS data and road sign reading cameras to determine what speed the vehicle should be going at any given time, and cut engine power anytime you try to go above that limit. As of now, it looks like you would be about to disable the system with a press of a button, or a hard mash of the throttle for an overtake maneuver, but besides those two scenarios the system would always be active.

This system would be great for new and elderly drivers, but for the majority of other drivers, the concern quickly becomes the freedom in the way we drive is limited – in particular the back roads and highways. The other concern quickly becomes for how long would drivers be able to disable the system “legally”? Of course you would need to go a little quicker than the speed limit to overtake but truth be told, wouldn’t a system that has a minimum speed limit based around the maximum speed limit be more efficient for the flow of traffic?

Then again, you can always just keep your older vehicle and more than likely never have to deal with ISA system in the first place. We could however, see this as an excuse for auto insurance companies to charge a premium since those cars wouldn’t come equipped with the safety system would be considered more a risk. Especially if the ‘black box’ like data recorder can be used by insurance companies to track your movements, and see how often you disabled the assistance program to speed.