Author: Jack
POSTED ON 04 Jun 2019

More Technology In The Quest For Safety – Sensory Steering Wheel

Where Mercedes Benz is working on creating heated seat belts to encourage drivers to use them in the first place, Jaguar Land Rover, and it’s ‘Sensory Steering Wheel’ would be designed to deliver subtle messages to the driver by heating or cooling the steering wheel.

Developed in partnership with Glasgow University, the steering wheel is able to be quickly heated or cooled to warn drivers of obstacles (such as when to change lanes, make turns, or warn of approaching junctions). Perhaps more interesting, the Sensory Steering Wheel could tell drivers of non-urgent messages such as low fuel instead of a more distracting audio bong or visual warnings that takes can disrupt your focus.

In terms of futuristic features, this actually may be one of the better ones.