Author: sam
POSTED ON 07 Aug 2018

Things not looking good for Tesla


With things on the down slope for Elon Musk and Tesla, you’d think media attention couldn’t possibly get any worse, think again. The new normal for Tesla, BMW, and Porsche is these self driving vehicles that can basically transport you from destination A to destination B. Obviously one main concern is stopping when need be as well as the cars reaction to surrounding vehicles, people, and obstacles.

Tesla as well as other manufactures had to run through a specific break test that insurance requires them to pass. The test required the Model S and the Model 3 to break before an object with the cars driving at 50KM/H, cruise control off, and auto breaking on. out of all the manufacturers Tesla was the only to fail this test with both models. The weird part is, when cruise control was on, Teslas models slowed down and stopped sooner than any other vehicles.


The IIHS has said that these driverless features have been proven to make the vehicle safer but they are still a ways away from making cars driverless or in other terms, activating an Autopilot.